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Masonic Research District

In 2019, Most Worshipful William Edward Hershey, Jr., Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, established the Masonic Research District, removing all Research Lodges from their geographical district and placing them all in the same district. The theory is that Research Lodges operate differently from regular Blue Lodges and need to be managed in a way that better suits our nature. Rt. Wor. Marc Allen Hone has served as District Deputy Grand Master for the past two years, during this reorganization.

It is hoped that all five Research Lodges in Virginia will continue to work together, share research papers, and support each other so that we all may grow. The Research Lodges in Virginia are listed below:

Over time, we hope to have research papers from many different sources. The first link below allows you to search our entire archive. If you are looking for papers from a specific Research Lodge, check the other links listed.