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Contains research papers delivered at Virginia Research Lodge or elsewhere.

Count= 71
Preface to Volume IVRt. Wor. Richard K. Thompson9/6/2004
Note from the Editor Volume IVWor. G. William Miller9/2/2004
Preface to Volume IIIWor. Kwame Acquaah12/20/2003
Note from the Editor Volume IIIWor. G. William Miller12/20/2003
Masonry in the Federal DistrictMt. Wor. Stewart Wilson Miner9/29/2001
Using the World Wide Web for Conducting Masonic ResearchWor. Paul S. Newhall6/30/2001
Religious Freedom In Early VirginiaWor. John Shroeder3/31/2001
The Times They Are A ChanginWor. John Shroeder3/31/2001
Fingerprint Based Background Checks to Protect Vulnerable PersonsWor. James Loudermilk3/31/2001
What Does Free MeanWor. John Shroeder12/16/2000
The Importance of Research LodgesMt. Wor. Richard E. Fletcher12/16/2000
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - A ReviewWor. John Shroeder9/30/2000
The Challenges of Past MastersMt. Wor. Donald M. Robey9/30/2000
The Murdered Magicians - A ReviewWor. John Shroeder5/29/2000
The Seventh SignBro. Sean O’Neill4/29/2000
The Royal Arch of Zerubbabel and the Royal Arch of SolomonWor. John Shroeder1/29/2000
Suggestions About How To Do Interesting and Informative Masonic ResearchRt. Wor. Paul M. Bessel1/29/2000
Masonic Symbols and EmblemsMt. Ex. William A. Brown10/30/1999
The Post Boy Sham Exposure of 1723Wor. S. Brent Morris10/30/1999
George Washingtons Masonic CareerMt. Ex. William A. Brown7/31/1999
The Forgotten Mother of Our CountryMt. Ex. William A. Brown5/29/1999
The Underground RailroadProf. Edward Smith5/29/1999
Neo-Platonism and the Royal Arch Triple TauWor. W. Kirk MacNulty1/30/1999
Preserving the Heritage, Building the Future - A Call To ActionMt. Wor. Edmund M. Cohen12/19/1998
Masonic Symbols, Physical And ConceptualMt. Wor. Edmund M. Cohen10/31/1998
Color SymbolismWor. John Shroeder8/29/1998
Masonic Titles Their Use And MisuseRt. Wor. Chris Dains5/30/1998
Grand Lodge RecognitionsMt. Wor. Donald M. Robey12/13/1997
Regular LodgesMt. Wor. Donald M. Robey12/13/1997
A Lambskin Or White Leather ApronWor. A. J. Hughes5/31/1997
Regularity, Recognition, and Fraternal RelationsRt. Wor. Mickey Ander12/7/1996
Masonic Tracing BoardsWor. W. Kirk MacNulty4/30/1996
Scripted Debate on Classes, Voting, and CatechismBro. Glenn Cross9/30/1995
Abraham Lincoln and FreemasonryRt. Wor. Paul M. Bessel7/29/1995
It Came to PassMt. Ex. William A. Brown4/29/1995
History of Freemasonry and the Development of the 15 Original English Masonic LecturesMt. Ex. William A. Brown10/29/1994
Reflections On A SpotlightWor. John Shroeder4/30/1994
Examination of VisitorsWor. Michael Pobat1/29/1994
Research Into The True Name Of The Grand Lodge Of VirginiaMt. Wor. Donald M. Robey12/18/1993
Washington Memorial ExercisesMt. Wor. Norman Hoff, Sr.10/30/1993
Preface to Volume IIWor. Edwin R. Carpenter Jr.7/15/1993
Origin of the Regius PoemMt. Wor. Floren Quick5/29/1993
The Letter GWor. S. Brent Morris1/30/1993
Saint John The BaptistWor. Roger W. Peak10/31/1992
The Cradle Of The American RevolutionAlexandria Scottish Rite8/29/1992
Masonry And ReligionBro. Thomas E. Weir8/31/1991
Mozarts Other Masonic OperaDr. Roger M. Firestone3/30/1991
The BibleMt. Ex. William A. Brown9/15/1990
Charles A. Lindbergh - Man, Mason, AmericanDr. Roger M. Firestone6/30/1990
Freemasonry And JudaismRt. Wor. Paul M. Bessel3/31/1990
Alpha Lodge No 116Bro. J. Hampton Harley, MPS8/16/1989
The Office Of District Deputy Grand MasterMt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich Jefferson4/29/1989
The Legend Of Hiram AbiffBro. Jerry Marsengill10/29/1988
ChangeMt. Wor. Cabell F. Cobbs7/30/1988
Preface to Volume IMt. Ex. Richard B. Baldwin6/14/1988
A preface to the first Volume of Transactions for A. Douglas Smith Lodge of Research No. 1949. This is the first of many documents provided by that Lodge for our archives.
A Concise Study Of Freemasonry In FranceDr. Claude Harrison Harris4/30/1988
Applied Masonic ResearchRt. Wor. John P. McIntyre1/30/1988
The Masonic Witch Hunt of the 1980sBro. Thomas E. Weir10/31/1987
Masonry and the ConstitutionMt. Wor. Stewart Wilson Miner8/29/1987
Methods Of Historical ResearchJoseph S. Gordon, Ph.D.11/29/1986
The Perfect CubitMt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich Jefferson8/30/1986
General And Brother Joshua L ChamberlainBro. Charles W. Plummer5/30/1986
Resolution of Memoriam Alfred Douglas Smith JrMt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich Jefferson3/29/1986
A memoriam in honor of A. Douglas Smith Jr.
A Declaration For Masonic ActionBro. Kenneth H. Hooley11/30/1985
The Masonic Rods and StaffsWor. C. Richard Walk6/29/1985
Masonic Ritual In VirginiaRt. Wor. Samuel T. Atkinson3/30/1985
The Twofold Nature Of FreemasonryBro. Kenneth H. Hooley12/15/1984
Freemasonry And The Leaders Of Victorian EnglandMt. Ex. George B. Yeates9/29/1984
The First Tool EngineerRt. Wor. George L. Miller6/30/1984
A brief story of the first Tool Engineer and the first Tool Engineering Educator, Tubal Cain.
Ho, Companions!Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson Miner7/30/1983
The author examines the problems of Centralization, Legalization, Idolization and Depersonalization that threaten Freemasonry. He suggests the antidote is Fraternalization, if we are strong enough to take it.
Alfred Douglas SmithRt. Wor. Allen E. Roberts1/29/1983
The first paper presented in A. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 1949, in honor of the Mason it was named for.