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Contains research papers delivered at Virginia Research Lodge or elsewhere.

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Alfred Douglas Smith.pdf
Wor. Allen E. RobertsA. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 19491/29/1983
The first paper presented in A. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 1949, in honor of the Mason it was named for.
Resolution of Memoriam Alfred Douglas Smith Jr.pdf
Mt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich JeffersonA. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 19493/29/1986
A memoriam in honor of A. Douglas Smith Jr.
Mt. Ex. Richard B. BaldwinA. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 19496/14/1988
A preface to the first Volume of Transactions for A. Douglas Smith Lodge of Research No. 1949. This is the first of many documents provided by that Lodge for our archives.
Research and the Grand Bodies.pdf
Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson Miner42Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/25/1983
An in-depth analysis by a Past Grand Master of the lack of the Grand Lodge, Chapter, and Commandery to utilize research lodges to their full effectiveness and suggestions for improvement of research in general in Virginia Masonry.
Levi L Stevenson.pdf
Wor. Walter M. McCracken41Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/29/1980
A biography of a prolific and active Mason, not only a Grand Master, Grand High Priest, and Grand Generalissimo, but the only Most Illustrious Grand Master of the short-lived Grand Council of Cryptic Masons in Virginia.
Within Our Power.pdf
Mt. Wor. Dwight L. Smith40Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/13/1980
Brethren, let us address ourselves to ways whereby we, as Freemasons, can help to bring about the dawn of a better day for ourselves, and, in so doing, a better day for all mankind.

That's all very good – but how?
The Jewel - Square or Quadrant.pdf
Mt. Wor. A. Douglas Smith, Jr.39Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/11/1982
Past Grand Master A. Douglas Smith, Jr. elaborates on the legend of the Grand Master's jewel and his effort to disprove the common theory it was crafted for George Washington, when in truth it was made in 1911.
YORKTOWN 1781 -- 1881 -- 1981.pdf
Wor. Allen E. Roberts38Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/26/1981
A study of George Washington and the battle of Yorktown, the climactic battle of the Revolutionary War. Also the centennial and bicentennial celebrations and the Grand Lodge's involvement.
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry.pdf
Wor. Phillip V. Whitley37Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/27/1982
A detailed history of the origins of the Mother Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite and the growth of Scottish Rite Masonry in Virginia.
Athelstan, First King of All England.pdf
Wor. Daniel J. Thompson36Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/27/2003
King Athelstan begins the Constitution of Masonry as adopted by the Grand Lodge of Virginia in 1791. This paper will discuss the historical Athelstan, his lasting influence on English history and explore his legendary ties to the Masonic fraternity.
Pulling Down Idols.pdf
Wor. James Royal CaseVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/24/1983
Off-the-cuff comments by the Grand Lecturer of Connecticut on command Masonic folklore reprinted in magazines, such as the number of Masons who signed the Declaration of Independence. Most are factually incorrect.
The Virginia Craftsmen.pdf
Wor. Keith A. Hinerman35Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/28/2003
The original paper on the history of the Virginia Craftsmen, a group of Virginia Masons who dressed in Civil War uniforms and conferred Masonic Degrees in Virginia, other states, and other countries. Based on  "Brotherhood in Action!" by Allen E. Roberts.
Are Lodge Meetings Supposed To Be Enjoyable.pdf
Mt. Ex. George B. Yeates34Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/15/2003
A humorous admonition to keep Lodge meetings interesting and enjoyable, and not settle for simply reading the minutes and going home.
William Moseley Brown - The Man and His Masonry.pdf
Rt. Wor. Baldwin G. Locher, Jr.33Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/14/2002
A brief biography of the many accomplishments of William Moseley Brown, who served as Grand Master, Grand High Priest, and Grand Commander of Virginia; in addition to being active in many other Masonic bodies.
The Virginia Craftsmen II.pdf
Wor. Thomas Lee VarnerVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/27/2008
A second paper on the history of the Virginia Craftsmen, a group of Virginia Masons who dressed in Civil War uniforms and conferred Masonic Degrees across the Commonwealth.
Virginia Lodge Histories.pdf
Mt. Wor. William Franklin Perdue32Virginia Research Lodge No. 177710/5/2002
Excerpts from a book commissioned by the Grand Lodge of Virginia about the History of Freemasonry. Provides interesting anecdotes of Masons and Lodges in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Research Lodges.pdf
Bro. John Shroeder26Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
A brief discussion of the several Research Lodges in Virginia, using Rt. Wor. Paul Bessel's guide to research papers with an explanation of using that guide.
Masonry the Past, Present, and Future.pdf
Rt. Wor. Joseph P. Westfall Jr.31Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/22/2002
Discusses the secret societies that populated America at the turn of the last century, how most have disappeared and all that Masonry has to say for itself is that it is still here.
Black Freemasonry.pdf
Rt. Wor. Douglas T. Boynton30Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/9/2002
Explains the history of Prince Hall Masonry, the moral standards demanded by Prince Hall Masons of their members, and concludes with the current recognition of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia.
The Grange Ritual - A Masonic Harvest.pdf
Rt. Wor. Douglas L. Jordan29Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/23/2001
The Patrons of Husbandry (The Grange) is a fraternal organization for farmers established by Oliver Hudson Kelley, a farmer and Mason. This paper explores how the lessons of our Fraternity could be redone using farm implements instead of stonemason tools.
John Dove.pdf
Mt. Ex. Robert Stanley Hughes, Jr.28Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/9/2000
A well-researched biography of the life, work, and Masonic career of one of the most famous Virginia Masons, John Dove. He served as Grand Secretary/Recorder of the Grand Lodge, Grand Royal Arch Chapter, and Grand Commandery.
George Washington's Masonic Career.pdf
Mt. Ex. William A. Brown27Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
A letter from Washington explaining why he became a Mason, his Royal Arch membership, his Honorary Membership, and his appointment as Grand Master AND General Grand Master.
Masonic Symbolism - Thoughts on Its Philosophical Source.pdf
Bro. W. Kirk MacNulty20Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/19/1999
An in-depth look at Masonic Tracing Boards and their symbolism, which demonstrates that Freemasonry is a profoundly noble view of humankind, which deserves to be taught once again.
Whither Are We Traveling.pdf
Wor. Nelson King, FPS25Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
Examines the decline in our Lodges, how we sell Masonry too cheap and offer little to new members, and how this is not a recent problem. Talks about Traditional Observance Lodges in Australia and Canada and asks why they wouldn't work here in America.
Freemasonry in Winchester During the Civil War.pdf
Wor. Jeffrey G. Burcham24Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/18/2000
Provides details of how the Civil War affected the activities of Winchester Hiram Lodge, including a visit from a well-known Masonic President, William McKinley. Describes the beautiful Masonic frescoes painted in the lodge room.
What is a Research Lodge.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston Douglas2Ocean View Lodge No. 3352/19/2016
Describes what a Research Lodge is, and how to find more information about attending one.
The Middle Chamber and the Ethic of Self Improvement.pdf
Bro. W. Kirk Crady23Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/11/1999
This paper consists of two things: a report on an experiment in Masonic education undertaken in January 1996 at Widow's Sons' Lodge in Charlottesville, and a rationale for an ethic of self-improvement as revealed in the experience of our second degree.
Hidden Masonic Lessons.pdf
Wor. Samuel L. Cochran22Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/25/1999
What are the lessons taught by the Masonic degrees and how can we apply them to our daily lives?
Century-Ending Dilemmas.pdf
Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson Miner21Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/25/1999
The author talks about the upcoming Y2K scare and explores several "double-zero" issues he sees in Masonry that need to be addressed.
Young George Washington and The Lodge at Fredericksburg.pdf
Wor. Daniel Wilson ThompsonVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/5/2016
An exploration of two separate but related topics: First, The Lodge at Fredericksburg and second, one of its most famous members, George Washington …... young George Washington.
Selected History of Widows Son Lodge.pdf
Rt. Wor. Robert E. Simpson17Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/27/1999
Selections from a new book detailing the 200 year history of the Lodge, including four Grand Masters, interactions with Presidents and Civil War Generals, and community leaders. Also discusses Moon Lodges, of which over 200 Virginia Lodges once were.
Tabernacle, Temple, Self.pdf
Bro. Joseph P. Gardner16Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/12/1998
A detailed description of the tabernacle, or tent, used by Moses to house the Ark of the Covenant while in the desert; and the rich designs of Solomon's Temple which was built as it's permanent home.
Freemasonry in England.pdf
Mt. Ex. George B. Yeates15Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/26/1998
An explanation of how Freemasonry increased dramatically in England during the 18th and 19th centuries and the attraction it held for the middle class.
Anti-Masonry and our Response.pdf
Bro. Wallace McLeod14Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/27/1998
Describes in depth the charges leveled against Masonry by various religious organizations and handily refutes them.  Recommends that Brothers should speak out and defend the craft.
The Rise and Decline of Masonic Flasks.pdf
Wor. Jeffrey G. Burcham13Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/13/1997
A history of Masonic flasks manufactured by glass works and popular in the early 1800s. Also provides details about the Anti-Masonic party and it's possible cause of the decline of their use.
The First American Citizen.pdf
Wor. Michael D. Johnstone12Norfolk Valley Scottish Rite8/16/2018
Wor. Johnstone, Valley Americanism Chairman, presents a history of our most famous Mason and President, George Washington.
Bro. Robert D. Springer10Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/27/1997
Brother Robert Springer, a career Air Force Officer, recounts the numerous opportunities that Masonry and military service offered him in his life, and calls on all Masons to provide that opportunity to those who should join us.
A Little Bit O'Allen.pdf
Mt. Wor. Richard E. Fletcher9Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/28/1997
Mt. Wor. Fletcher, Past Grand Master of Vermont, recounts selected works from the prolific writer Allen E. Roberts following his untimely death. He speaks of the efforts of the Masonic Information Center to keep Masons informed about our history.
A Memorial Tribute To Allen Earl Roberts.pdf
Mt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich Jefferson8Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/22/1997
A fond tribute to the life and work of Allen E. Roberts, a prolific Masonic author and long time Secretary of Virginia Research Lodge.
Benjamin Franklin - Mason.pdf
Rt. Wor. Clarence E. Whitley7Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/14/1996
A biography of one of our most famous Masons, Benjamin Franklin, his early years, his service to our country, and his Masonic career.
Another Look at the Trestleboard.pdf
Mt. Wor. Ralph L. Haltquist6Virginia Research Lodge No. 17779/23/1995
Using the Trestleboard to build Solomon's Temple, to form the Grand Lodge of England, and in our Lodges today. Enumerating the Ancient Landmarks, whether they should be enumerated or still considered Landmarks at all.
Why There's Confusion Among The Workmen.pdf
Mt. Wor. John A. Anagnostis5Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/1995
The author compares Northern and Southern English with humorous results, explains the importance of reaching younger Masons and ensuring we bring about necessary change together, and provides several examples of Masons living up to their obligations.
The Mounties and Masonry.pdf
Wor. Nelson King, FPS4Virginia Research Lodge No. 17773/25/1995
Wor. King, a Canadian Mason, gives a detailed history of the ties between Masonry and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, including his lifetime fascination with the RCMP.
Addressing the Membership Crisis in Virginia.pdf
Mt. Wor. Thomas F. May3Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/10/1994
The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia spoke on the membership crisis we are experiencing and described the twenty three point plan he instituted to address it.
Masonry, A Well Spent Life.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston Douglas1Norfolk Valley Scottish Rite9/15/2016
Discusses how to plan your Masonic career over the course of several decades.
Rudyard Kipling.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasOcean View Lodge No. 3359/2/2016
A short biography of Brother Rudyard Kipling, and his most famous Masonic Poem, "The Mother-Lodge".
Social Media and Masonry.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasSouth Norfolk Lodge No. 3398/2/2016
Describes in detail the various types of social media and how to use them to create an outreach program for a Lodge.
Remember now thy Creator.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasOcean View Lodge No. 3356/10/2016
An explanation of Ecclesiastes 12, verse 1 through 7, recited by the Chaplain during the Master Mason degree.
Rights of Visitation.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasOcean View Lodge No. 3354/15/2016
This paper was based on numerous conversations with new members, explaining what a Lodge and Grand Lodge are, some of our history, as well as explaining how to visit other Lodges.
Faith Hope and Charity.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasOcean View Lodge No. 3359/11/2015
Discusses the concepts of Faith, Hope, and Charity from the lectures, what the meaning of these terms are, and how we can apply them in our daily lives as men and as Masons.
Zoroaster and the Symbolism of the 32nd Degree.pdf
Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasNorfolk Valley Scottish Rite7/19/2018
Details the history and philosophy of Zoroastrianism and how it is an integral part of the 32nd degree. Describes the meanings of many of the symbols depicted in this degree.