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Spreading the Light
A list of research papers from our weekly email.

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47Advice to a Leader.pdf4/1/2020Rt. Wor. Allen E. RobertsVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/10/1983
46Masonry Within The Beltway.pdf3/24/2020Mt. Wor. Thomas F. MayVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/31/1984
45Ho, Companions!.pdf3/18/2020Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson MinerA. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 19497/30/1983
44Alfred Douglas Smith.pdf3/10/2020Rt. Wor. Allen E. RobertsA. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 19491/29/1983
43Pulling Down Idols.pdf3/2/2020Wor. James Royal CaseVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/24/1983
42Research and the Grand Bodies.pdf2/24/2020Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson MinerVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/25/1983
41Levi L Stevenson.pdf2/17/2020Wor. Walter M. McCrackenVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/29/1980
40Within Our Power.pdf2/10/2020Mt. Wor. Dwight L. SmithVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/13/1980
39The Jewel: Square or Quadrant.pdf2/3/2020Mt. Wor. A. Douglas Smith, Jr.Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/11/1982
38YORKTOWN: 1781 -- 1881 -- 1981.pdf1/28/2020Rt. Wor. Allen E. RobertsVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/26/1981
37Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry.pdf1/20/2020Wor. Phillip V. WhitleyVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/27/1982
36Athelstan, First King of All England.pdf1/13/2020Wor. Daniel J. ThompsonVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/27/2003
35The Virginia Craftsmen.pdf1/6/2020Wor. Keith A. HinermanVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/28/2003
34Are Lodge Meetings Supposed To Be Enjoyable.pdf12/30/2019Mt. Ex. George B. YeatesVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/15/2003
33William Moseley Brown - The Man and His Masonry.pdf12/23/2019Rt. Wor. Baldwin G. Locher, Jr.Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/14/2002
32Virginia Lodge Histories.pdf12/18/2019Mt. Wor. William Franklin PerdueVirginia Research Lodge No. 177710/5/2002
31Masonry the Past, Present, and Future.pdf10/1/2019Rt. Wor. Joseph P. Westfall Jr.Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/22/2002
30Black Freemasonry.pdf9/23/2019Rt. Wor. Douglas T. BoyntonVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/9/2002
29The Grange Ritual - A Masonic Harvest.pdf6/25/2019Rt. Wor. Douglas L. JordanVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/23/2001
28John Dove.pdf6/13/2019Mt. Ex. Robert Stanley Hughes, Jr.Virginia Research Lodge No. 177712/9/2000
27George Washington's Masonic Career.pdf6/3/2019Mt. Ex. William A. BrownVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
26Research Lodges.pdf5/27/2019Wor. John ShroederVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
25Whither Are We Traveling.pdf5/21/2019Wor. Nelson King, FPSVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/2000
24Freemasonry in Winchester During the Civil War.pdf5/15/2019Wor. Jeffrey G. BurchamVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/18/2000
23The Middle Chamber and the Ethic of Self Improvement.pdf5/6/2019Bro. W. Kirk CradyVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/11/1999
22Hidden Masonic Lessons.pdf4/30/2019Wor. Samuel L. CochranVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/25/1999
21Century-Ending Dilemmas.pdf4/23/2019Mt. Wor. Stewart Wilson MinerVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/25/1999
20Masonic Symbolism - Thoughts on Its Philosophical Source.pdf4/16/2019Wor. W. Kirk MacNultyVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/19/1999
19Washington - Early EA or Fortunate Freemason.pdf4/8/2019Wor. Shelby L. ChandlerGeorge Washington Lodge of Research No. 173211/4/2012
18 Christopher Winston DouglasYouTube3/3/2019
17Selected History of Widows Son Lodge.pdf3/28/2019Rt. Wor. Robert E. SimpsonVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/27/1999
16Tabernacle, Temple, Self.pdf3/21/2019Bro. Joseph P. GardnerVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/12/1998
15Freemasonry in England.pdf3/11/2019Mt. Ex. George B. YeatesVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/26/1998
14Anti-Masonry and our Response.pdf3/4/2019Wor. Wallace Edmund McLeod, Ph.D.Virginia Research Lodge No. 17776/27/1998
13The Rise and Decline of Masonic Flasks.pdf2/27/2019Wor. Jeffrey G. BurchamVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/13/1997
12The First American Citizen.pdf2/19/2019Wor. Michael D. JohnstoneNorfolk Valley8/16/2018
11Jurisdiction, Amity, and Visitation2/12/2019Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasYouTube10/4/2018
10Opportunities.pdf2/4/2019Bro. Robert D. SpringerVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/27/1997
9A Little Bit O'Allen.pdf1/22/2019Mt. Wor. Richard E. FletcherVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/28/1997
8A Memorial Tribute To Allen Earl Roberts.pdf1/14/2019Mt. Wor. Lloyd Ulrich JeffersonVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/22/1997
7Benjamin Franklin - Mason.pdf1/8/2019Rt. Wor. Clarence E. WhitleyVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/14/1996
6Another Look at the Trestleboard.pdf1/2/2019Mt. Wor. Ralph L. HaltquistVirginia Research Lodge No. 17779/23/1995
5Why There's Confusion Among The Workmen.pdf12/26/2018Mt. Wor. John A. AnagnostisVirginia Research Lodge No. 17776/24/1995
4The Mounties and Masonry.pdf12/17/2018Wor. Nelson King, FPSVirginia Research Lodge No. 17773/25/1995
3Addressing the Membership Crisis in Virginia.pdf12/10/2018Mt. Wor. Thomas F. MayVirginia Research Lodge No. 177712/10/1994
2Research Lodges.pdf12/5/2018Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasOcean View No. 3352/19/2016
1Masonry, A Well Spent Life.pdf11/27/2018Wor. Christopher Winston DouglasNorfolk Valley9/15/2016